2-day Sealed Cladding System Training Itinerary

Our CI® Certified Sealed Cladding Technician Certification course includes two full days of classroom and field instruction to ensure your competency in preparing and installing a complete rigid “cladding” exterior finish system. This training has been specifically developed for the practicing stucco and waterproofing professional – builders and skilled tradesmen alike, AND design and other professionals who need to understand the design and field installation procedures of true Florida cement-cladding systems in wood frame wall construction.

As a CI® Certified Sealed Cladding Technician you will understand not simply the “how-to”, but the WHY all parts of the sealed system MUST work together to ensure a guaranteed COMPLETE water-resistant building exterior. With specific reference to our Florida building codes and referenced ASTM standards C-926 and C-1063 this program will ensure your field competency in installation and code compliance of sealed cladding systems.

Photographs of documented building damage will be shared to show:

  • Improper maintenance of systems
  • Improper building design
  • Inattention to construction details
  • Improper installation of building envelope components – including a discussion of costing details

Diagnostic technologies including realistic remediation and corrective procedures will be presented and discussed. This informative workshop will put an end to the misconceptions and misinterpretations surrounding common building envelope moisture control failures.

2-day Training includes:

  • Understanding details of sheathing vs.
    structural panels as used in ASTM standards;
  • Regional modifications in building envelope and
    construction methodologies;
  • Understanding the use AND purpose of weep screeds,
    expansion joints, casings, etc. and the unnecessary use of
    corner beads, control, and horizontal joints;
  • Review of case studies to reinforce the provision of
    “unless otherwise specified” language of ASTM standards

Only Certified Technicians who have been taught these specific details and follow the Sealed Cladding System Installation Specifications can install the Sealed Cladding System.

This 2-day  course includes a certification exam and hands-on knowledge demonstration. Classes start at 8 a.m. and lunch will be provided by the Stucco Institute.

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