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The Sealed Cladding System

The Sealed Cladding System was developed in response to the need for a serviceable cladding system that can withstand a humid coastal climate without systematic failure. Exterior finishes, when applied as a cement-based cladding system as it was done in the 1970’s and 1980’s, have withstood decades of exposure with little to no complications!

Beginning in the 1990’s, installers began applying the same cement-based material but applied it as a stucco veneer finish as described in the ASTM standards. The standards for installing cement-based plaster are intended for all climate regions but allow for the regional modification of these provisions in certain climate types. In a humid, airborne salt-laden environment, such as the Gulf coastal region, the application of cement claddings when installed as described in the ASTM standards, has resulted in widespread exterior finish failures and defects.

The Sealed Cladding System is a technique to applying cladding that entirely avoids the aforementioned stucco problems. It has had over 40 years of time-honored, complication-free service life. It was developed to fulfill the specific requirements that are absolutely necessary for a successful cladding installation in Florida or similar environment.

The details and protocols contained in its installation instructions restore the time-old traditions of quality installation. They require the elimination of plastic-type corner beads with inhibitive flange embedment properties. They require the cladding contractor to provide the waterproofing contractor the grooves and reliefs necessary to obtain a subsequent seal with a quality sealant. They require the coating to be installed to the proper thickness using proper methodology. They require the sealant type and grade to be of a specified type with elastomeric properties.

Only Certified Technicians who have been taught these specific details and follow the Sealed Cladding System Installation Specification can install the Sealed Cladding System.  The use of the Sealed Cladding System requires the work be done by someone trained to either install or supervise the installation of the system to ensure uncompromising quality and performance.

For Technical information about the Sealed Cladding System, review the Sealed Cladding System installation specifications here.